Election Mapping Workshop Series

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Part 1: What’s in a Map?

9/8 Tuesday 12:30-1:15 Recording

This workshop introduces GIS (Geographic Information Systems) and exercises spatial thinking through critiquing the abundance of election maps available – what are the ingredients and motivations that go into making such a map, and how can we be conscientious map consumers? We will explore interactive maps on U.S. elections, and what election maps look like globally. Professor Sara Newland will talk about the role of maps in political science research.


Part 2: Polling a Polling Station

9/15 Tuesday 12:30-1:15 https://smith.zoom.us/j/6757119877

This workshop guides you through designing geolocated surveys to capture and share crowdsourced map data using Survey123. We can use this data collection technique to investigate questions such as: How and where is your community voting? What are the conditions of polling stations? Where are mailboxes or ballot drop boxes being removed?


Part 3: Redistricting & Gerrymandering (is it /g/erry or /j/erry?)

9/24 Thursday 12:30-1:15 https://smith.zoom.us/j/6757119877

The term “gerrymandering” was named after the 9th governor of Massachusetts Elbridge Gerry, for redrawing the South Essex senate district in favor of his party – in the shape of a salamander. In this workshop we discuss the implications of representation, and learn to classify and symbolize election results in a web map using ArcGIS Online. Kelsey Kauffman will talk about local and particularly, prison redistricting.


Part 4: Electing Data

10/6 Tuesday 12:30-1:15 https://smith.zoom.us/j/6757119877

Learn how to find and assess spatial data, and perform analysis in ArcGIS Online to examine the variables that can contribute to understanding issues like: voter turnout, changing district demographics, campaigning, and others. UMass Amherst GIS Librarian Dr. Becky Seifried will share how to approach and research a spatial inquiry. 


Part 5: Not Fake News – Crafting a Spatial Narrative with StoryMaps

10/20 Tuesday 12:30-1:15 https://smith.zoom.us/j/6757119877

In this workshop, we will use StoryMaps and web apps as a digital storytelling tool to present the spatial narrative of an election map. We will practice communicating data to a broader audience, using maps to weave together the present political fabric. UMass Amherst GIS Librarian Dr. Becky Seifried will join us in a conversation on digital narratives.