Updated 09/20/22

The Science Center has limited endowment funds to support Smith undergraduate students’ travel expenses to professional conferences to present research in a STEM field. The maximum award is $1,000 per student per academic year. These can be used in combination with the Universal Conference fund, managed by the office of the Dean of the College.

Student applications for travel funds are accepted on a rolling basis. Funds are distributed on a first-come, first-served basis. PLEASE APPLY BEFORE YOU TRAVEL TO YOUR CONFERENCE.  We suggest you apply at least two weeks before your conference, but the earlier the better.  Funds are distributed as reimbursement for expenses. We can submit your reimbursement as soon as you’ve purchased any portion of your travel.

Have a travel award from the Science Center and need to get reimbursed?

Please submit an expense reimbursement form AND a trip report to be reimbursed.

The expense reimbursement form can be found on the forms page of the controller’s office website 

Please email the completed reimbursement form and legible electronic copies of receipts to Heather McQueen.

  • Fill out the form as best you can. Don’t worry if it says “error” at the bottom,  we will fix it.
  • You need only include receipts and the form for the total dollar amount of your award. For example, if the Science Center awards you $500 and your registration is $200 and your transportation is $300, you can submit just those items from reimbursement from the Science Center. We do not need all of the expenses from your trip if they are not covered by this award.
  • Please save all of your receipts whenever you can. If you are making a purchase under $20, say from a food truck where there are no receipts, you can also note your expenses in an expense diary, following this example: “1/15/18, Lunch, Joe’s Taco Truck, $6.00”. Please include copies of your expense diary when applicable.
  • Again, email the completed form and scanned copies of receipts to Heather McQueen


The trip report can be found online here: https://smithcollege.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_bgwU9TVBMql6Ykt.

Answering these questions about your conference experience helps us report to funders. You will automatically receive a copy of your trip report via email upon submission.

Don’t forget to credit the grant-making organization where appropriate with a statement like “Travel supported by the Schultz Foundation”. Our alumna Marilyn Schultz Blackwell ’69, whose father, George L. Schultz, ran the family foundation, provided us with a grant in 1992 to create an endowed fund in support of student research opportunities, including travel to professional conferences.  Not to be confused with the Schultz Family Foundation, created by Starbucks founder, Howard Schultz.

Questions? Contact Heather McQueen.
413-585-3950, Burton 115