The Science Center Admin Assistant Team

Supervisor:  Amy Avard*

Department/Program Course Designation Academic Administrative Assistant Office Phone Extension
Astronomy AST Erin Mahar Burton 115 3805
Biochemistry BCH Ferron Dooley Fairchild Ford 255A 3804
Biological Sciences BIO Elizabeth (Iola) Sylvan Burton 115 6598
Chemistry CHM Amy Avard Ford 255B 3806
Computer Science CSC Ferron Dooley Fairchild Ford 255A 3804
Engineering EGR Kristin Morse Ford 155 7000
Environmental Science & Policy ENV Diedre Quirk* Wright 010 3704
Exercise & Sport Studies ESS Justin Allard Ainsworth 105 3970
Geosciences GEO Erin Mahar Burton 115 3805
Mathematics & Statistics MTH Amy Donahue Burton 115 4324
Neuroscience NSC Ferron Dooley Fairchild Ford 255A 3804
Physics PHY Erin Mahar Burton 115 3805
Psychology PSY Laura Fountain-Cincotta Bass 417 3349
Statistical & Data Studies SDS Kelley Dunphy* Wright  226 3520


Quick Admins

The QuickAdmins are a group of work-study students we have hired to help anybody at the Science Center with simple office tasks. We have QuickAdmins based in both Burton 115 and Ford 255. 

Two ways to request QuickAdmin help:
1)     Drop into Ford 255 or Burton 115. At each office location there are forms that will help you provide all of the necessary information for requesting copying and scanning; or
2)     Email, copying your administrative assistant in on all emails.

If you have any questions or comments about QuickAdmin service, please contact your administrative assistant or Amy Avard,, x3806, Ford 255B.

  • (ENV) reports to the Director of CEEDS.
  • (SDS) reports to Lisa DeCarolis-Osepowicz