Our Current Initiatives

Our evolving STEAM initiatives include on- and off-campus opportunities, and our connections with learning partners span multiple communities, including K–12 educational institutions to adult learning organizations. We are also widening our reach to include essential partners focused on humanitarian, social justice and environmental awareness efforts.

“Several kids were excited when we talked about engineering, so I think we may have gotten them to start thinking about that as a possible career path, which was very exciting to me.”

- STEM Teaching Fellow

Our Team

STEAM Team members are undergraduate students who have a passion for connecting STEAM-related content, inspirational activities, and experiential learning opportunities with community needs and work in the Jandon Center.

Deborah Day

STEAM Outreach Coordinator

Deborah Day shares her expertise and passion for research and STEM Education as former Director of the Amity Science Research Program and chemistry teacher. She currently leads the STEAM Outreach program at Smith, developing new, sustainable experiential programming and providing opportunities for Smithies to partner with a wide variety of community members.

Megan Holm

STEAM Fellow

Class of 2022 - Megan is a current senior from Flagstaff, AZ. She is a biochemistry major and exercise and sports studies minor. She plans to do either full-time research or attend graduate school at Smith after graduation. She has been involved in STEM outreach at Smith for four years and is excited to be back in person this spring. Her hobbies include rowing, skiing, and playing the violin!

Elisabeth Sinclair

STEAM Fellow

Class of 2022 - Elisabeth is a senior from Tampa, Florida. She is a government major and environmental science and policy minor. Elisabeth enjoys sewing, knitting, and generally anything crafty. As a STEAM fellow, she loves to work on projects that promote community engagement through creativity.

Vivien Qiao

STEAM Fellow

Class of 2023 - Vivien is a junior from Andover, MA. She is a biochemistry and engineering double major, currently working towards becoming a physician-scientist. Vivien enjoys working with kids and getting them interested in STEM. Her hobbies include watching kdramas, rock climbing, and going on outdoor walks.

Erika Hayashigatani

STRIDE Scholar

Class of 2024 - Erika is a sophomore from Roseville, California. She is a psychology major with specific interests in social and developmental psychology. As a member of the STEAM Team, she enjoys working on projects that involve crafting to build community. Her hobbies include going for walks, cooking, and swimming.

Emma Robertson

STRIDE Scholar

Class of 2025 - Emma is a first-year from West River, Maryland. She is passionate about science and math, and the integration of creative, artistic efforts into STEM through craftivism, workshops, and innovative workshops. She is a leader in Project Coach, a sports-based youth development program in the Springfield community, and enthusiastic addition to the STEAM Team. Emma enjoys dance, biking, hiking, and card-making.

Drey Reis

STRIDE Scholar

Class of 2025 - Drey is a first-year from Chicago, IL. They are an intended education major and are passionate about empowering kids to make meaningful change in their communities, especially through creative engagement. At Jandon, they create and support craftivism initiatives, as well as working with Transhealth Northampton, our community partner. Drey’s hobbies include acting, writing, and spending time in nature.

Kristine Le

STEAM Ambassador

Class of 2025 -Kristine is a first-year from Lexington, Massachusetts. She is passionate about science and is a prospective biology major and engineering minor. As a member of the STEAM Team, she is working on bringing robotics outreach to the surrounding community with the goal of making engineering accessible, fun, and inclusive for all youth. Her hobbies include crafting, computer-animated design, and baking.

Our Partners