1. The College is committed to the ethical and compliant care and use of animals in research, teaching and testing.  We strongly encourage reports of concern from anyone who observes or is aware of potential 1) violations to regulations, 2) experiments not consistent with an approved protocol, or 3) misuse or mistreatment of animals.

    2. Members of the college community and individuals from the public may report their concerns, anonymously or not, by any of the following means:

          • Associate Provost/Institutional Official at 413-585-3000 
          • Chair of the Institutional Animal Care & Use Committee (IACUC) at 413-585-3425 
          • Science Center Administrative Director at 413-585-3802 
          • Hotline partner (EthicsPoint) toll-free at 855-805-7490
          • College Ombudsperson at 413-585-7953

      Complete an online report form:

      Send a note to anyone above by campus mail or US mail
      10 Elm Street, Northampton, MA 01063

    3. The concerned person is asked to provide as much of the following as possible but should make the report even if some of it is unknown.
          • Department or location where the concerning activity occurred
          • The name of the research study or course
          • The faculty member leading the research study or instructing the course
          • The date(s) and time(s) the concerning activity was witnessed
          • Description of what specifically concerns the person about animal welfare
    4. Whoever receives the report of concerns will notify the Associate Provost/Institutional Official (IO).  The IO will charge the Institutional Care & Use Committee (IACUC) to investigate and ensure that any investigation is conducted 1) carefully and discreetly, 2) With all reasonable precautions, 3) Consistent with the need for a complete and comprehensive review of the case, 4) to maintain confidentiality to the extent permissible under federal and state laws, and 5)  to protect the rights and legitimate interests of both the person making the disclosure of violation and the subject(s) of the investigation.
    5. The IACUC will investigate all reported concerns and provide the IO with a conclusive determination and recommended remediation.  To the extent required by Federal regulations and policy, the IACUC will also report its findings as appropriate to USDA APHIS (United States Department of Agriculture Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service), OLAW (Office for Laboratory Animal Welfare) and/or other sponsoring federal department or agency head.
    6. Per Animal Welfare Act Regulations (9 CFR, Chapter 1, Subchapter A, ยง2.32(c)(4)), the College will not tolerate retaliation toward or harassment of anyone who reports actual or possible violations and will undertake diligent efforts to protect the positions and reputations of those persons who, in good faith, make allegations of animal welfare violations.