Inclusion in Action Conference Participatory Mapping Workshop

Who are you within the Smith landscape? The Spatial Analysis Lab is engaging the Smith Community in a participatory mapping workshop during the Inclusion in Action conference to encourage critical thinking about the campus and envision a more equitable landscape. So, come join in the conference, listen deeply and make your mark. Quite literally in our workshop. We will be working with large-scale maps of the campus to annotate, change, reflect, and reclaim the Smith College campus. We want you to map those experiences and add your knowledge to the campus landscape, and recognize the role mapping plays in taking ownership of this place. We also want to help our community remember moments within our history as an institution that have been erased from the landscape– we must rewrite those stories back into the campus by giving them a place on the maps we make. 

Join the SAL on April 10th at 2pm in Seelye 211!