Spring Workshop Guides

Now that our spring workshops are in full swing, we’ll be posting all of the documents used in the workshops here. That way if you missed a workshop or misplaced a document from the workshop, you can access the information here and even use it to do the workshops on your own time. The documents for each workshop will include:

  1. Workshop exercise packet — feel free to bring this packet into the Spatial Analysis Lab to work through it, also consider checking the available lab hours to receive assistance if necessary
  2. Workshop one page guide — this is an overview of the skill taught in each workshop including: best practices, diagrams, answers to common questions, etc.

GPS (Parts I & II) — from Tuesday & Thursday 2/17 & 2/19

GPS Data Processing and Exporting
GPS Data Collection Guide

Communicating Data with Maps — from Monday 2/23

Communicating with Maps Workshop
Symbology and Layout Guide

Making Spatial Joins — from Wednesday 2/25

Joins Workshop
Joins Guide

Editing Spatial Data — from Thursday 2/26

Editing Spatial Data Workshop

Geocoding Address Data — from Tuesday 3/3

Geocoding Address Data Workshop
Geocoding Guide

Georeferencing Historic Maps — from Thursday 3/5

Georeferencing Workshop
Georeferencing Guide

Mapping Spatial Narratives I — from Tuesday 3/10

ArcGIS Online Part 1 Workshop

Mapping Spatial Narratives II — from Thursday 3/12

ArcGIS Online Part 2 Workshop

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