• Don’t forget to submit an reource request along with your space reservation in 25 Live for any events you plan. You can always ask for help from your Departmental Assistant.
  • The custodians will NOT respond to written notices on doors e.g. “Please leave this door unlocked”.
  • Given the nature of contents and activities of the Science Center buildings, event locations in the Science Center are not available for reservation for non-Smith related events.

Ford Seasons Room Use Policy

Based on recommendation from the Ford Policy Group (Chairs & Directors), Science Planning has adopted the following use policy for the Seasons Room in Ford Hall:

  • Events may only be scheduled after 4pm on week-days (any time on weekends).
  • Ford Hall Season’s Room is available to general community at all times (except if event has been scheduled within allowable time-frame)
  • Week-days from 11.30am to 1.30pm, Season’s room is dedicated to lunch activities, i.e. not intended as a work, study, or meeting space.

Addition September 1, 2011:

For academic purposes, the Seasons Room can be scheduled after 4:00 PM, for semester-long durations by a single individual. Where another individual or event would like to reserve the Seasons Room for a single event during this period, the request will be negotiated with the individual holding the semester reservation. The semester-long reservation holder will be advised of this condition at the time the reservation is made.

Ford Atrium Use Policy

General guidelines for event use of Ford Atrium:

  • Dinner capacity is estimated at 64 (round tables) or about 80 (6′ rectangular tables)
  • For any events that involve moving furniture or larger groups of people, overtime charges are likely to apply. Facilities Management can help you establish estimate once you submit your resource request, but you might budget $125 as a ballpark amount.
  • Only Building Services are allowed to move furniture
  • Event requests 12-2pm during weekdays unlikely to be approved as they would conflict with community use of the space.

Ford Hall 146 Use Policy

When making reservations of FH146, preference should be given to Engineering. If somebody outside Engineering requests the room, please put them in 246 or 346 if at all possible. If those rooms are booked, it is ok to reserve FH146 only after checking with Michelle Schaft, Susannah Howe, or Borjana Mikic.

Event Entry to Ford Hall, Sabin-Reed and Burton

Given the instrumentation, materials, and activities in Ford Hall, Sabin-Reed and Burton, doors will not be left in unlocked state outside open hours. Anybody who schedules an event in one of these three buildings outside open hours, and the event involves people that do not have a OneCard, have to find alternative way for participants to gain entry. Propping a door open would cause an alarm at Public Safety and an officer showing up to investigate.

(1) Event organizers can have somebody at the door to open for participants, and/or post e.g. a cell phone number
(2) Event organizer can hire a student or custodian to function as door monitor (charges to the event apply; include it in your budgets).
(3) If extended or recurring event and limited number of people, visitors cards can be requested through College Events for distribution to participants. College Events needs to know event description, exact days and times of event, room numbers for spaces used, and number of cards needed, e.g. communicated in an Event Service Request (ESR). Any requests have to be approved by College Events and the Science Center.

– Just like regular OneCards, visitors cards are personal and may not be shared.
– Event related visitor cards will open doors M-F 7am-11pm and S-S 8am-10pm, and for external doors only.
– Access to internal card doors (e.g. labs) is responsibility of event organizer who may double-swipe such doors, if needed.
– If the event visitor card request is approved by College Events and the Science Center, event organizer will sign out a stack of numbered visitors cards.
– Event organizer will distribute cards to event participants and maintain a list with the name for each card number.
– At the end of event, event organizer collects all cards and returns them including list with name for each card number used.
– Event organizer is responsible for returning all cards first business day after event and will be asked to pay $10 for any cards missing.

(4) In special cases where large numbers of e.g. parents or alumnae are invited to Ford, Sabin Reed or Burton (or any card access buildings) the event organizer may request front card-access door to be unlocked (e.g. for Commencement or Reunion Weekends).

  • Such a request should go to College Events and be included in the event comments in 25 Live not as a resource request.
  • The card access syetm is not managed or controlled by building services staff.
  • Request has to be approved by College Events and Science Center Director
  • College Events will coordinate unlocking and locking schedule with OneCard Office
  • Only one main card-access door will be unlocked. Extra signage may be necessary.
  • College Events will notify Public Safety that there will be public access to the building
  • Event organizer (or representative) is required to be present for the entire duration of public access as formally responsible for the building. Main practical duty would be to keep an eye on event activities and alert Public Safety, if needed.
  • This policy may be subject to change pending campus wide building access policies.

Event Entry to McConnell and Bass

If you schedule a space in McConnell, Bass during off hours, you may also submit a resource request in 25Live to have the building unlocked by Building Services staff for the duration of your event. Sur-charges may apply. Contact College Events for details.

Food Events

By college policy, it is not allowed to serve food in classrooms. However, it does happen that food is served in a separate space and some participants then bring it into a classroom for an event. In such cases, remember the following:

  • Mention in your event request where food will be served and where it will be consumed
  • Request an extra large trash can to be placed just outside the exit of the classroom
  • At the end of event, ask participants to completely clear the room of food related items

Mostly, there is a class right after the event and nobody will have a chance to clean up the room further. The next class receives the room in the state it was left by the event organizers (and participants).