General Contact/Mailing Info
Clark Science Center
Smith College
44 College Lane
Northampton, MA 01063
Voice: 413-585-3800 Fax: 413-585-3786

Directors’ Office
Chris Gole, Faculty Director, Burton Hall 115, 413-585-3801 send email
Tom Richardson, Administrative Director, Burton Hall 115, 413-585-3802 send email
Heather McQueen, Resource Manager, Burton Hall 115, 413-585-3950 send email

Academic Department Offices

  • Amy Avard, Ford 255B, 413-585-3806, send email: Chemistry, and Supervisor of Departmental Assistants
  • Amy Donahue, Burton 115, 413-585-4324 send email: Mathematics
  • Justin Allard, Ainsworth 105, 413-585-3970 send email: Exercise and Sport Studies
  • Laura Fountain-Cincotta, Bass 417, 413-585-3349 send email: Psychology
  • Erin Mahar, Burton 115 413-585-3805/3803 send email: Geosciences, Physics, Astronomy
  • Kristin Morse, Ford 155, 413-585-7000 send email: Engineering
  • Elizabeth Iola Sylvan, Burton 115, 413-585-6598 send email: Biological Sciences
  • Ferron Dooley Fairchild, Ford Hall 255A, 413-585-3804 send email:  Computer Science, Biochemistry, Neuroscience


Other Academic Departments  we often work with


Program and Other Administrative Offices

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