General Contact/Mailing Info
Clark Science Center
Smith College
44 College Lane
Northampton, MA 01063
Voice: 413-585-3800 Fax: 413-585-3786

Directors’ Office
Chris Gole, Faculty Director, Burton Hall 115, 413-585-3801 send email
Tom Richardson, Administrative Director, Burton Hall 115, 413-585-3802 send email
Heather McQueen, Resource Manager, Burton Hall 115, 413-585-3950 send email

Academic Department and Program Administrative Offices

  • Amy Avard, Ford 255B, 413-585-3806 send email ( Chemistry, Biochemistry, and Supervisor of Departmental Assistants
  • Laura Fountain-Cincotta, Bass 417, 413-585-3349 send email ( Psychology, Physics, and Astronomy
  • Daryl Jett, Ford 255A, 413-585-3804 send email ( Computer Science, Statistical & Data Sciences
  • Victoria McAndrew, Burton 115 413-585-3805/3803 send email ( Geosciences, Mathematics & Statistics
  • Kristin Morse, Ford 155, 413-585-7000 send email (kbmorse@smith): Engineering, Neuroscience
  • Alexis Pothul, Ainsworth 105, 413-585-3970 send email ( Exercise and Sport Studies
  • Elizabeth Iola Sylvan, Burton 115, 413-585-6598 send email ( Biological Sciences


Botanic Garden & Lyman Plant House
Tim Johnson Director, Lyman Plant House, 413-585-2741 send email

CEEDS: Center for the Environment, Ecological Design, and Sustainability
Veeka Trofimova, Administrative Assistant, Wright Hall 005, 413-585-3352 send email

Center for Design and Fabrication
Eric Jensen, Director, McConnell Hall B07, 413-585-3868 send email

Computing & Technical Services (CATS)
Tony Caldanaro, Director, Bass Hall 109, 413-585-3719 send email
If you need scientific computing tech support, please use this email address which goes to the entire CATS team.

Environmental Science and Policy Program
Veeka Trofimova, Wright Hall 005, 413- 585-3352

Institutional Review Board (IRB)
Sherry Wingfield, Bass 416, -413-585-3562 send email

Laboratory, Safety and Compliance Services
Margaret Rakas, Director, Sabin Reed 021 (stockroom) /Ford 027, 413-585-3877 send email

Marine Sciences (Five-College Program)
Cynthia Bright, send email

Mentoring Programs: AEMES, STEM Careers, STEM Posse
Valerie Joseph, Mentoring Program Coordinator, Bass 112, 413-585-2638 send email

Picker Engineering Program
Andrew Guswa, Director; Ford Hall 013, 413-585-7008 send email
Martin Green, Associate Director; Ford Hall 155E, 413-585-7576 send email
Alexandra Dupuis, Engineering Admin, Ford 155, 413-585-7000 send email: Engineering

Prehealth Advising Program
Elly Mons, Director, Drew Hall, 2nd floor, 413-585-4296 send email

Science Library
Charlotte Knight, Science Librarian, Neilson Library, 413-585-2951 send email

Science Outreach
Deborah Day, STEM Outreach Coordinator, Wright Hall 020, 413-585-3932 send email

Sherrerd Center
Sherry Wingfield Bass 416, 413-585-3562 send email
Sara Pruss, Director, Sabin Reed 121, 413-585-3948 send email

Spatial Analysis Lab
Jon Caris, Manager, Sabin Reed Hall 115, 413-585-3597 send email

Sabin-Reed 022 (Basement), 413-585-3807
Ford Hall 026, 413-585-3580
send email to the stockroom

Erin Smith, Stockroom Services Specialist
Ellen Abrams, Stockroom Services Specialist
Jay Vaughn, Stockroom Services Specialist

Please visit this page to request keys or card access.