Last updated: Fall 2023

When are the exterior entrance doors to Bass, Burton, Ford, McConnell, or Sabin-Reed open?

While the campus is open, exterior doors for these buildings are open and unlocked 7:00am-6:00pm Monday through Friday. The doors are not unlocked during holidays observed on campus. The list of observed campus holidays are updated annually and posted on the HR website under the Benefited Leaves section.

Div-3 faculty and staff automatically have 24/7 access to exterior doors via their OneCard. As with most academic buildings, all Smith students have access until 11pm on weeknights, and 8am-10pm on weekends.

What if we need regular access outside of these open hours? What about keys or card access to interior spaces?

Key and Keycard Access – Need office keys or lab access for you or your students or staff?  Use this form to request keys or card access. This conveniently collects ALL of the information we need to fulfill most requests.
Still have questions? Email us at

How will I know if my key or card request has been processed?
• If card access space, privileges are granted in C-Cure and access recipient and requestor is notified via email.
• If physical key, a Key Request Form is completed and submitted to Facilities Management for fulfillment. Facilities Management will email the recipient directly. Keep the emails! You will need to reference them for instructions and identity verification when picking up keys.  If multiple keys have been requested, you might want to wait until you have received confirmation for all of the keys and avoid multiple trips to Facilities.

What if I need to request access for an event in these buildings that includes guests who are not part of the Smith Community?

Submit a request for your event here.

If I approve a request for my lab or another space I grant access to, what is my responsibility?

By confirming the access request, you have certified the following: 
I confirm that I am responsible for the space(s) included in the request and take responsibility for access of the individual(s) mentioned. I authorize that the access recipient(s) may gain access to the space when I am not present. I certify that I have trained access recipients in the work to be performed (if any), the particular hazards associated with the lab or room, have given them any written emergency protocols specific to working in the space, and trained the person on what to do in case of an emergency.

Are there spaces that require special permission and/or additional certification?

If access privileges are requested to one of the following spaces, you are required to check with the person listed before use:

Bass Hall 102, 103, server room – Tony Caldanaro
Burton 113- Mind Lab-Maya Rosen
Burton 406 – Reid Bertone-Johnson
FH024A Human Tissue Lab – Susan Voss
FH031 Prokaryotic Cell Culture Lab – Christine White-Ziegler
FH031A Prokaryotic Cell Culture Lab – Christine White-Ziegler
FH032 Plant Growth Chamber – Biology Chair
FH036 500 MHZ NMR room – Kevin Shea 
FH121A Fluorescence Microscopy – Stan Scordilis 
FH123 CMBS Instrumentation Room – Riccardo Racicot
FH130 Tissue Culture – Sue Haynes
FH141 Loading Dock – Margaret Rakas 
FH145 Design Clinic – Teaching Lab – Susannah Howe
FH222 Mass Spec -Robert Samples
FH237 CFP darkroom – Stan Scordilis
FH238 CFP ultracentrifuge room – Stan Scordilis
Sabin Reed-ACF – Science Center Administration
Sabin Reed 449 – Tissue Culture – Sharon Owino
Sabin Reed 450- Cryostat Lab -Lisa Mangiamele