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Figure 3.05. Lever rule added. Chemical compositions of mixtures of water and halite (NaCl) in Figure 3.03. The dashed line separates the mixtures with brines that are saturated with halite from the mixtures with brines that are not saturated with halite. Press the "Coordinates" button to show the graph coordinates for the mouse position. The mixtures to the right of the dashed line all contain brine with the same weight percent NaCl (the same salinity), given by the position of the dashed line (25% NaCl). The proportion of halite in these mixtures is higher for bulk compositions that have more NaCl. Click on the "Lever Rule" button to show the proportions for various bulk compositions. Drag the black bulk composition "handle" to see how the "Lever Rule" works. The Lever Rule is like a composition axis giving the weight percent halite in the mixture, with the composition of halite at one end and the composition of the halilte-saturated brine at the other end. Click on the Brine "Axis" button to see that the weight percent brine is also determined by the bulk composition of the mixture.