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Bass Hall – Constructed in 1991 named after Anne T. and Robert M. Bass, houses Psychology, Computer Science and the Young Library.

Burton Hall – Constructed finished in 1914 and first called “Biology Hall.” In 1917 renamed Burton Hall after President Burton.  Initially home to  Zoology and Botany departments. Currently houses Geosciences and Mathematics and Statistics.

Ford Hall– Constructed in 2009 and opened for classes in early 2010.  Named for the Ford Motor Company after a $10 million leadership gift.  Houses Engineering, Chemistry, Computer Science and Molecular Biology.

McConnell Hall – Constructed in 1966 named after Edna McConnell Clark ’09.  Houses Physics Astronomy, and Statistical and Data Sciences.
Spring/Summer 2015 Roof and Astronomy Observatory Renovation

Sabin-Reed Hall – Constructed in 1966 named after Florence Sabin ‘1893 and Dorothy Reed Mendenhall ‘1895.  Home to the Neuroscience Program, as well as many scientists in Biology and Geosciences, and Environmental Science and Policy.