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What’s Happening the week of 11/28/2016?

Sigma Xi Lecture Series:
Travertine Limestone Weathering.  Tiber River Flooding, and Contemporary  “Reverse Graffiti”  Art in Rome, Italy
Bosiljka Glumac, Geosciences
Tue 11/29, 12:00pm, McC 103. Lunch Provided.

Chemistry/Biochemistry Lunchbags
 Faculty Research Presentations
Bob Linck and Betsy Jamieson
Wed 11/30, 12:10 pm, Ford 240. Lunch Provided. Please bring your own beverage.

Math Lunch Talk:
Dreaming of Pipes in <s>Catalonia</s> Belgium

Alex Woo, University of Idaho

Thu 12/1, 12:00pm Math Forum, Burton 304. Lunch Provided. Please bring your own beverage.

Health and STEM Professions Lunchbags

Senior Job Search for STEM Students

An overview of resources and strategies for job hunting in the STEM fields.  Although geared to graduating seniors, students of all class years are welcome.

Fri, 12/2 McC103. Pizza will be offered on a first-come, first served basis.

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