Thermo Scientific Software available on the analysis computers in the CFP:

  • Proteome Discoverer 2.4 – a comprehensive package for the qualitative and quantitative analysis of large mass-spectrometric data sets with incorporated statistical and visualization nodes  (some helpful video tutorials, as well as answers to some FAQ on terminology)
  • BioPharma Finder -intact protein analysis of LC/MS data and peptide mapping analysis of LC/MS2 data for identification and relative quantitation of proteins, sequence variants, and low-level post-translational modifications (PTMs)            (some helpful video tutorials)
  • ProSightPC – top-down proteomics analysis

Freeware packages for Proteomics:

  • MaxQuant – a quantitative proteomics software package designed for analyzing large-scale mass-spectrometric data sets
  • Perseus – a computational platform for analysis of proteomics data