MgO-FeO-Na2O Ternary Diagram

Figure 3.05. Ternary plotting isovalue lines. Mass data for selected Hawaiian volcanic rocks from the PETROS Igneous Rock Database are shown on a MgO, FeO, and Na2O ternary diagram. To see isovalue lines for weight percentages of the three components or for weight percentage ratios, click on the appropiate radio button:

Normal Diagram
Wt.% MgO Plotting Grid
Wt.% FeO Plotting Grid
Wt.% Na2O Plotting Grid
Constant (Wt.%MgO) / (Wt.%Na2O) Lines
Constant (Wt.%FeO) / (Wt.%Na2O)Lines
(Wt.%FeO) / (Wt.%MgO) Lines
Summary Plotting Grid

To see weight percent values for the three components as you mouseover the ternary diagram, click the "Show Coordinates" button. Notice that points outside the ternary diagram boundaries will have negative values for one or two of the components, just as a Cartesian X-Y graph would.