Adesite phase map

Figure 7.00. False color phase map of an andesite in Rock Library. Yellow is plagioclase, red is augite, blue is hornblende, brown is biotite, dark blue is ilmenite. Click on the image for more information about the sample and choose "Phase Map" from the "Images" pulldown list.


More about Ternary Diagrams

7.1 Overview

Ternary liquidus diagrams with phases that melt inconguently or with solid solution phases have features that were not present in systems discussed in the ternary eutectic diagrams chapter. Concepts that are developed in this chapter include:
  • reaction curves
  • reaction points
  • solid solutions in ternary diagrams
  • ternary minimum
  • liquidus thermal divide
Concepts that are used in this chapter, include chemical equilibrium, composition axes, ternary diagrams, saturation, eutectic point, peritectic point, the binary lever rule, the ternary lever rule, cotectic lines, and ternary eutectics.