Story Maps in the Classroom

Maps are increasingly popular as storytelling tools in the world of digital media – just a glance at the homepages of the New York Times, The Atlantic, or the Huffington Post confirms that. We’ve experienced this wave of mapping enthusiasm in the SAL, and it’s already started changing how we teach GIS.  Moreso than conventional GIS maps, Story […]

Interterm GIS Course

Like most years, the SAL team taught a week-long GIS course during interterm to give a GIS jumpstart to students who want to learn what GIS is all about but can’t take (or haven’t yet taken) the semester-long GIS course. This year, however, we made some big changes to our curriculum that we’re pretty excited […]

SAL website feedback

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December Mystery Map winners

  Out of the 70 people who viewed our Musical Mystery Map in December, eight sent in answers, and nearly all of them got at least a part of the question right. So, in order of submission, here’s who correctly guessed that the size of the bubbles represented number of bells: Leslie Vicente Soto Anonymous (we […]

Snowflake Map

Following the popularity of our Thanksgiving break Tofurky Map, the SAL team has put together a Snowflake Map to see where the Smith community will be spending the holiday break. Scroll down to put your own snowman on the map and to see where your classmates are travelling! Loading… Refresh page to see your submission.

November Mystery Map Wrap-Up

Our November Mystery Map has been live for three weeks, and since most Smithies are now concentrating more on procrastinating finals than on last month’s election, we’ve decided it’s time to wrap up the competition. As a reminder, here’s what the Mystery Map looked like:   As another reminder, we issued a hint ten days ago that […]

Tofurky Animation

We’re thrilled by how many responses we got to our 2nd annual Tofurky Map. Almost 200 people posted to the map, and over 1,250 people viewed it!               We created an animated map showing submissions over the week of Thanksgiving. We used a very cool tool called Torque from CartoDB, […]

November Mystery Map Hint

We’ve decided to give all of our faithful blog readers a hint to help you along in our most recent Mystery Map Competition. Think of it as an early holiday gift or a generous helping of Thanksgiving leftovers. This map shows some kind of election data. That’s why Scott had to get the data from the […]

Second Annual Tofurky Map

Got travel plans for Thanksgiving Break? Or maybe you’re just spending a few quiet days on campus? Or even better, pitching a tent in the SAL! In any case, we hope that you’ll contribute to our Tofurkey Map (see form below), a tradition started by former Post-Bac Fellow Victoria to document where and how Smithies […]

November Mystery Map

In celebration of Geo Week and GIS Day, we’re happy to announce another Mystery Map competition! Scott put together this map after paying a visit to the city clerk earlier this week. Click here for a higher resolution version of the map (in PDF format). (Read about October Mystery Map/Data answer)