Spring NEArc GIS Conference at UMass

logo of the Northeast Arc Users' Group (NEARC) and their motto: users helping users.

Each May, the Northeast Arc Users Group (NEArc) hosts a GIS conference at UMass for GIS professionals, researchers using GIS, and geography enthusiasts.  The conference is a great way to see the many ways that others are using GIS across New England.  There are also workshops to learn cutting-edge GIS skills and many opportunities to network with GIS users who work in local government, environmental planning and engineering, the health industry, and many other contexts.  This is a great venue to present student work with GIS.  If you’re interested in presenting – whether as a regular talk, a 5 min. lightning talk, a printed poster or a video poster (including interactive maps) – please contact Jon or Scott!  We would love to see a contingent of Smith students, faculty, and staff sharing with New England’s GIS community the many creative ways we’re using GIS here. 

What: Spring NEArc GIS Conference

When: Monday, May 15, 2017, from 8:00am to 5:30pm

Where: UMass Lincoln Campus Center (Amherst, MA)

Click here for more information, to register as an attendee, or to submit a presentation proposal (proposals are due April 3 at 12pm)

Or email Jon or Scott for more info!