New Spatial Fellow

Greetings Smithies!

I am the new post-bac fellow to your Spatial Analysis Lab (SAL) here at Smith College. My name is Victoria Beckley and I hail from Southern California where I completed my undergraduate degree in Interdisciplinary GIS via Dallas, Texas where I did my upbringing.

I spent the first part of the summer on a 30-day, 6,000 mile road trip from Los Angeles to Massachusetts through all sorts of places like Boise, Denver, San Francisco, and Chicago. As a compliment to my drive I mapped all of my adventures to stay in touch with my inner geography-nerd while on the road. I must say that after all of that driving it is a relief to finally arrive here in beautiful Northampton, where I look forward to a year of exploring the realms of GIS with students, faculty, and staff on campus.

In my undergraduate days I applied GIS (or Spatial Analysis) to my primary field of interest, queer studies, to complete my senior thesis. However, I am intrigued by the application of GIS to any field, and am always excited to examine new questions that require geographic methods.

My office is Sabin-Reed 228, so feel free to come by with any GIS questions you have or to simply say hello to myself and my friendly office plant.

Best of luck in the coming school year! I look forward to working with you all.


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