Thursday Oct. 18: GPS & Mobile Data Collection Workshop

We’re happy to announce the first Spatial Analysis Lab workshop of the fall semester! Come to the Spatial Analysis Lab at 4pm on this Thursday, October 18, for Spatial Data Collection: From GPS to iOS.

From high-tech GPS units with lasers to easy phone/tablet apps that are always in your back pocket, spatial data collection can strengthen research across the curriculum.  Join us for a one-hour workshop to learn what GPS is (besides the thing that gets you lost in the car) and how it works. We’ll compare the advantages of different devices for collecting spatial data, share some apps that let you integrate pictures and notes as you record geographic locations, and then we’ll head outside to put these techniques into action.

This workshop is geared at faculty, staff, and students from across the curriculum– this technology is not just for field biologists! Don’t worry if you don’t have any previous GPS experience– we will start with the basics, and introduce some mobile apps that will feel more intuitive than scientific-grade GPS receivers. The workshop will last about an hour.

If you are interested in attending, please respond to the brief survey below — we just need a rough head count so that we can make sure we have enough mobile devices for everyone!

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