Whether you are conducting your own experiment or are a part of a class, you are responsible for the appropriate disposal of all the chemicals you handle. Consult your supervisor regarding your hazardous waste. You may be allowed to dispose of non hazardous materials (ex. Buffers pH neutral) in drain or trash…

BUT in general, for hazardous waste…

  • No drain disposal
  • No disposal in trash bins
  • No evaporating waste in fume hoods

Make sure you are wearing, at a minimum, safety glasses, a lab coat, and gloves. when handling waste containers. For handling acids and bases (even ’empty bottles’) safety goggles are required.

Waste containers

Handling hazardous waste working as a regular student in a class

You will be provided with waste containers already set up and labeled that you can use. Make sure you put each chemical in its proper waste container. If the label does not have your chemical listed, consult with your TA/Instructor before putting your chemical in. You want to make sure all the chemicals disposed in the same container are chemically compatible. To learn about chemical compatibility consult this resource. Waste bottles must be kept closed when not in immediate use. When the container is about 80% full, put it aside and declare it “full”. Do not continue to fill it.