At Smith College if you (students, faculty and staff) work in a laboratory setting, at a minimum, you must follow these rules:

  • You must have attended the proper lab safety seminars and workshops.
    Consult the SAFETY TRAINING page for requirements and schedules.
  • You must wear appropriate eye, apparel & shoe protection at all times.
    Consult the given General Lab Safety Training session materials.
  • You must NOT bring any food or drink into the lab including water bottles.
    Consult the given General Lab Safety Training session materials.
  • If working alone you must seek approval and follow procedures.
    Consult CHEMICAL HYGIENE PLAN page for “lab buddy” requirements.
  • You must abide by the appropriate safety rules and protocols regarding handling chemicals and equipment.
    Consult your supervisor and your lab’s safety protocol documentation

The 2012 Chemical Hygiene Plan is our most comprehensive document establishing policies, procedures, and guidelines necessary to comply with regulatory standards as well as provide a safe environment for employees, students, and visitors.

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Please, contact research supervisors or the Lab Safety & Compliance Director if you have any questions.