Chemical Hygiene Plan

This document establishes policies, procedures, and guidelines necessary to comply with regulatory standards as well as provide a safe environment for employees, students and visitors.

You can find the document’s latest version here

New lab safety “work alone” procedure!
Regardless of the time or day of the week, students may only work alone with the permission of their faculty supervisor AND if one of the following conditions is met:

  • There is a ‘lab buddy’ within voice range-this person who may be in an adjoining lab that is interconnected through a secondary exit door but must be aware they are serving in the capacity of a buddy. 
  • The faculty supervisor (or another faculty/staff in the same physical area via prior arrangement) is in or near their office, or the workspace being used, the entire time.
  • The student has made arrangements for a continual Zoom call with another member of the Smith community who would act as a ‘lab buddy’ the entire time and listen for any sound of distress, then call Campus Safety. While we encourage both audio and video streaming, audio-only is acceptable.

     Students who are solely performing work on computers not in the same room as hazardous materials or processes are exempt from these restrictions.