Equipment Alarms

Equipment Alarms

-80’s and Cold Rooms are wired into the campus building alarm system. Campus Safety is automatically notified if an alarm condition exists. In case of alarm, the following procedure is executed:

  1. Campus Police notify the designated contact for the equipment with the contact information provided by the Science Center administration. If they can’t reach anyone, they will also contact Heather McQueen, Margaret Rakas, or Tom Richardson via the main administrative line x3800.
  2. Science Center administration investigates on-premises and follows whatever emergency procedure is indicated on the equipment. This typically means contacting faculty or lab employees listed. If there is an obvious infrastructure issue (e.g. lack of power, leaking pipe) Facilities Management is called to repair. If equipment issue, a service contractor is called.

If outside work hours, Campus Police will investigate on location and follow the emergency contact information provided via Google drive and shared with

Be sure to list emergency procedures directly on any critical equipment, including refrigeration!

You need to provide information that will make sense to Campus Police officers investigating an alarm in the middle of a night on a weekend.

This should be names and contact information for whom to contact in case of failure, as well as the name of the service contractor.