Climate Cost Project GIS Volunteer

The Climate Cost Project is looking for someone with GIS skills who can help with a data mapping project for areas impacted by repeat flooding due to climate change. We are interested in layering economic survey data collected by our organization over official flood zones, as well as over actual flooding incidence. Our goal is to help users understand flooding patterns and their current and future economic implications by mousing over areas of the map for overall impacts, as well as individual case studies that contextualize and personalize individual household costs. We are not rigid about design and would be happy to take feedback and input.

Our organization works with local community activists to collect survey data on economic impacts at the household level of repeat flooding due to climate change. Many of our communities are interested in seeing the data mapped out to help with their own understanding of their situation and communication with local governments, so this would be a service directly to the communities as well.

We have planned out some ideas of how we would like the visual interface to work. The finished product would be a part of our webpage, and it would also be a part of the final reports that we give to communities.

If interested, please email with a CV and short summary of why you are interested in the project.