December Mystery Map Released!

December Mystery Map!

This month, we bring you a three-part challenge! Interpret these three time-lapse animations to figure out what three factors are being mapped. Pay attention to the time clock that is counting in the top center of each map animation, as well as any other visual clues. They go from easy (easier…?) to more difficult, so start with Map A and work your way to Map C. You must guess all three maps correctly to be named the winner! Check them out below [note: none of the videos have sound]— it might be helpful to play the videos straight through, freeze-frame moments in time, or even use the play-status bar to slide back and forth and look at specific changes to the map.

Map A (total time: 40 seconds)

12/6/12, 11:49 am: This video has been updated slightly to correct an error! Thanks to Ali Smith for pointing it out!

Map B (total time: 28 seconds)

Map C (total time: 21 seconds)


When you’re ready, place your guess using this form!

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