FY 23 Year End Purchasing Deadlines

Deadlines for making purchases against Fiscal Year ’23 funds.

This applies to departmental operating budgets, endowed funds, or any funds that must be spent within the current fiscal year  (07/01/22-06/30/23).  Most grants (internal and external) span fiscal years.  

  • Last day to submit reimbursements against FY 23–June 2nd  
  • Last day to place orders against FY 23 via the stockroom–June 9th
  • Last day for purchases on your own procard against FY 23–June 16th  
  • Last day to place stockroom purchases from inventory against FY 23–June 23rd


If you are making a purchase via requisition from departmental funds, please remember to route it through your administrative assistant.

Please use our updated requisition form which captures all of the information your admin and the stockroom needs to process your order, including the coding for Workday.

Remember that the college is closed Monday 5/29 for the Memorial Day Holiday and again on Monday 6/19 in observance of Juneteenth. The week of 6/19 is designated as a week of minimal operations at the college.

NOTE: 2023 still has many of the same supply chain challenges we had hoped to leave behind in 2022

In case you forgot what those challenges were:

  • Long lead times, inaccurate lead times
  • Materials shortages
  • Logistics costs and logistical personnel shortages
  • Limited production and/or inventory for some materials and products (including cookies)
  • Despite a vendor’s claims, certified ETAs, and all categories of promises at the time of purchase,  “sliding” estimated delivery dates continue to be a thing.

It is essential that the “NEED-BY DATE:” be noted on ALL requisitions (ASAP is not a need-by date). The stockroom staff will do their best to provide updates to expected lead times, potential delays, and any additional fees. 


Author: hmcqueen