The Drone Thinking Initiative

Resources for Faculty

Here we’ve collected a handful of introductory articles that bring up some of the current uses and problems of drones.

MicroDrones: Science & Research – Drones have many and varied research applications.  Some common uses include:

  • Unobtrusive, inexpensive aerial data collection
  • Rapid deployment and data processing/turnover
  • Mapping and digital surface modeling
  • Remote sensing
  • Search and rescue

The Drones Report: Research, Use Cases, Regulations, and Problems – Drones are anticipated to have a huge impact on research in the next decade – assuming they can get off the ground, legislation-wise.

New York City Drone Film Festival – Home – UAVs go beyond just being useful for the natural sciences.  The New York City Drone Film Festival, now in its second year, is the self-proclaimed “world’s first event exclusively dedicated to celebrating the art of drone cinematography.”

“Drones” vs “UAVs” — What’s Behind A Name? – But what’s in a name?  Aware of the negative associations often paired with the word “drone,” some researchers make a distinction between the ominous-sounding “drones” and what they would call “UAVs”.