The Drone Thinking Initiative

About the Initiative

The Drone Thinking Initiative was started with the goal of creating an open dialogue on campus about the potential uses and applications of UAV technology.  We want to provide resources to students and faculty who want to know more about drones and how they can be used safely.

The Drone Thinking Initiative does not currently exist is on its way!  The Initiative was developed by a group of students in IDP 316 (Design Thinking) during Spring of 2016, who thought that this would be the best way to help people take advantage of drone opportunities on campus.  The website was first developed during Spring 2016 by Alex Widstrand, Amanda Lavond, Cherry Huang, Matthew Merlino, and Zoe Zandbergen for IDP 316 (Design Thinking Studio), and is explained further in a portfolio posted here, located at

Further website edits have been made during Fall 2016 by Alex Widstrand.

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