The Drone Thinking Initiative

Day 02 2018

Tentative Schedule for Wednesday

1:00: Rules and Regulation
US Airspace and FAA Regulation
Part 107 sUAS Rules
Smith College SAO Safety Code & Institutional Governance
City of Northampton Drone Resolution

2:30 Drone Applications and Case Studies

3:00: Safety – getting ready to fly
Introduction to the dronie project
ITT or Scott Gym for for Dronie and Flight Practice

Assignment for tomorrow:

Begin developing your own checklists for (a) pre-flight operations and (b) safety. What considerations do you think are the most important?

Watch the following videos:

Can you fly a drone back home?  Research the national, state, local laws for your hometown to determine if and where you can fly a drone.


Additional Resources (optional):

Drone Center at Bard

Know Before You Fly

Global Drone Regulations


TFR List

AirMap (app)