The Drone Thinking Initiative

Day 01 2018

Tentative Schedule for Tuesday

1:00: Welcome and Introductions
Course overview and objectives
Discussion: Drones in Academia

2:00: Meet the Drones
Equipment review
Anatomy of a Drone
Characteristics of Flight
Flight Modes (Heliguy)
Flight Modes (DJI Forum)

3:00: Flight simulation in Bass 105

For Tuesday, please read/watch the following resources.  Prepare to discuss the pros and cons of using drones, particularly in academia.  What role do we as students, faculty, and researchers play in drone use?

Readings & Videos for Tuesday

1.) Drones and Aerial Robotics Conference Law & Policy Guidebook

2.) Video: The Drone Thinking Initiative

Assignment for Wednesday

Video: How to Fly a Multirotor by FlightTest and Basic Flight Maneuvers by Eric Cheng (8:04)

Readings and Viewings for Wednesday (skim):

1.) Part 107 Summary

2.) Northampton, MA Resolution on drone aircraft

3.) Regulation of UAVs in the United States (Wikipedia)

4.) Institutional Governance Drone Policy (4th rev.)

5.) Small Drones Deserve Sensible Regulation (IEEE Spectrum – P. Voss)

6.) Video: How to Fly a Multirotor

Additional Resources (optional viewing):

Introduction to the Drone Thinking Initiative

5-College Drones for Humanities

“Multicopters” and how they work

Drone Definition

The UAV Digest

Drone-Specific Resources (optional viewing):

DJI Phantom 4 Pro

DJI Phantom 3

Yuneec Breeze

Parrot Bebop 2