Commercial Hardware List

Ionization Sources


SICRIT- Plasmion GmbH

A DMDI ion source capable of direct ambient sampling as well as GC, SPME, and breath analysis with additional peripherals




MnESI – Newomics

MnESI Platform for Thermo Scientific Mass Spectrometers (IS-T02) - MS WilAn ion source for use with Newomics’ multinozzle M3 emitters




Nimbus – Phoenix S&T


Multicolumn motorized nanoESI source






Super SESI X – Fossiliontech

SESI ionization source for soft ionization analysis of nano-aerosols and volatiles, used for breath analysis real-time headspace analysis.






ASAP probe – Ionsense

Atmospheric Solids Analysis Probe (ASAP) – MSTM Solutions

ASAP probe sampling system for solids and liquids, retrofitted onto Thermo IonMax source equipped with an APCI probe



DART OS – Ionsense

ID-CUBE® DART Source for Ultra-Fast Screening Thirty Second DART®-MS:DART system with additional options for thermal desorption and pulsed gas flow.




Triversa Nanomate – Advion

Q Exactive UHMR Introduction

Sampling robot and ionization source, seemingly discontinued.




AP-SMALDI systems – TransMIT

Atmospheric pressure MALDI imaging systems






Open LabBot and LTP source – Kuturabi

Open LabBot and RmsiGUI: Community development kit for sampling automation and ambient imaging - ScienceDirect

Open source LTP source and Reprap-based motion system for imaging





DESI systems – Prosolia

DESI - 2D Source - DESI Sources - Mass Spectrometry Imaging ...Fully automated imaging and manual DESI sources. Discontinued for non-Waters instruments following their acquisition of Prosolia and subsequent redesign of DESI sources.



Flow Probe – Prosolia

Prosolia - Other Products - Flow Probe by Prosolia, Inc.Automated liquid microjunction flow probe system, Discontinued after the acquisition of Prosolia