3D printed MS Components

Thermo Scientific Vanquish Autosampler Tray/freezer boxes

Autosampler trays for Vanquish autosamplers based on Thermo’s specifications. They are parametric so they can be modified as needed The trays come with a freezer lit so they can be stored easily and you don’t need to mix samples from different samples or users within trays so inventory is much easier. When printed in cheap PLA+ they are cost competitive with cardboard and can be used for general sample storage.

Datamatrix barcodes for automatic detection of the standard 54 sample tray are included but do not use these for any other trays, instead manually select the tray type. Please contact me if you have the barcodes for other tray types.


Low Profile Union Clip for the Nanospray Flex Source


The stock union clip (pictured on the left) for the Nanospray Flex source is relatively large which can interfere with micromanipulator positioning if a fused silica emitter is used with an exte



A 3D-printable low profile clip was designed to resolve this issue. This clip makes use of the M3 knurled screw knob from the original clip and allows greater flexibility emitter angle. Two versions are available, one with printed threads, and one intended for use with a M3 4×5 heatset insert. It should be printed in PLA+, PETG, ABS, or a similarly sturdy material.