The Drone Thinking Initiative

What’s Happening on Campus?

We propose that UAV-related learning and discourse are key to having a campus-wide understanding of this high-potential technology.

If you would like to participate in a workshop, (or have a suggestion for one!) email Jon Caris at

Coming up in January 2017:

  • Fun With Drones (Offered January 9 – 13, 2017): Over the course of a week, we invite students to get an introduction to drones. From drone maintenance and safety to current events and issues, we will learn about the history of drone policy as well how to fly a drone. Through completing fun activities like taking a selfie with a drone and navigating through an obstacle course, students will get the chance to learn more about this exciting, high-potential technology.
  • Previous research with drones by the Spatial Analysis Lab:

In the As-Yet-Unforeseen Future:

  • As drones become more widely used in the future, we hope to remain at the forefront of the field, offering more workshops and classes, and encouraging drone usage throughout our school’s liberal-arts curriculum.
  • While we hope that legislation around drone usage will become more lenient so students can more easily use drones in their research, we will be filing for an exemption that will allow us to fly drones on campus (on the athletic fields).
  • We now have 3 certified remote pilots on campus who are available to work with students and faculty.
  • We hope to create our very own Drone Media Lab (or DML for short) in Bass Hall where students will be able to check out drones for their own use, as well as provide a space to host classes, workshops and debates surrounding drones. The DML will essentially become a physical extension of an online drone forum, giving students the chance to share their drone techniques and footage with their peers.