Design of a Method to Measure Cut Resistance of Synthetic Fiber Rope

Sterling Rope Team: Cate Eberman, Thuy Nguyen, Maureen Leonard, Xiaofan Xu (MHC, not pictured)

2016-2017: In collaboration with Sterling Rope, this team designed and developed a test method and associated apparatus to quantify cut resistance in synthetic fiber rope. Cut resistance is a relevant rope parameter in situations involving sharp or abrasive objects near rope, but no industry standard currently exists to measure rope’s cut resistance.

After reviewing cut resistance literature for a range of industries, the team generated a set of design concepts. To inform the selection process, the team conducted substantial testing, including both static and impact testing with free and confined ropes, along with different blade angles. Based on the test results, the team selected and refined their recommended design: a guillotine-like design that measures cut resistance in terms of energy absorption. The team constructed a functional apparatus from their design and collected data on a range of different ropes.

The team delivered their apparatus, test procedure, and test results to Sterling Rope for further validation. This work may inform the development of an industry standard in the future.