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Design Clinic Media

AUDIO: Episodes from the Design Clinic Download podcast (NEW!)


Episode 4 NNE DC1718 – Leen Ajlouni, Jenny Banh, and Catherine Ding
Episode 3 Fuss and O’Neill DC0506 – Sarah Breen, Sara Green, Sarah Mahon, Krysten Oates
Episode 2 Schneider Electric DC1415 – Nicole DeChello, Emily Dixon, Emily Lane, Melinda Pontes
Episode 1 Honda DC1920 – Elana Helou, Annie Kary, Alina Siminiouk
Stay tuned for more Design Clinic Download episodes dropping every month or so this year! (Special thanks to Reelife Productions for editing and post-production assistance.)


VIDEO: Short videos related to Design Clinic

August 2021: The ABCs of Snack – winner of the ASEE-NEE Remote Learning Video contest

February 2017: Profcast with Design Clinic Director Susannah Howe

April 2013: Design Clinic 10th Anniversary Film

May 2011: Northampton Department of Public Works Team

April 2010: Habitat for Humanity Team