Design of an eSWYC System to Facilitate Screening for Pediatric Patients

Baystate Team Photo

Baystate Health Team: Ayesha Khan, Angela Upreti, Emily Ohrtman, Lujun Jian, Youyou Tian

2015-2016: In collaboration with the Baystate Health System, and supported by funding from Smith’s Design Thinking Initiative, this student team designed an electronic approach to completing, scoring, and analyzing the Survey of Well Being of Young Children (SWYC). The SWYC is a comprehensive pediatric screening instrument for patients up to 5 years old that is currently administered and scored in paper form.

The team conducted participant observations and interviews to scope the problem and determine the design requirements. Based on these requirements, the team iteratively developed and coded the front end interface, data visualization features, and back end interface. These individual components were integrated together into one eSWYC system. The team then tested the eSWYC with different stakeholders via interviews and focus groups to verify that the eSWYC met the design requirements. The team used the feedback from their user tests to iterate their design and make it more user friendly for patient families and clinicians.

The team delivered their full code, accompanied by an eSWYC user manual, to their Baystate liaisons. The eSWYC provides faster completion, automated scoring, and data visualization of the eSWYC results; it is ready for pilot testing in Baystate pediatric clinics.