1. Difference between structural factors and factor strucure?
  2. Not sure about the chace error assuptions. What’s the deal with the S assumption?
  3. I’m still confused about the concept of blocking.
  4. Review mathematical notation please.
  5. ANOVA?
  6. What’s the deal with the F factor? It’s not the p-value but it corresponds to it?
  7. Would hamster chunks be inside day length?
  8. I would like to go over identifying experimental material and units, inside/outside factors, decomposition, and identifying different designs.
  9. I am confused about factors and levels generally.
  10. F-ratios versus the F critical value?
  11. Still unclear on the decomposition. It almost makes sense, but not yet.
  12. I am still confused about the df for residuals.
  13. Identifying the different designs.
  14. I’d like to systematically review all of the different “squares,” (SS, MS, sqrt(MSE)) to help keep them straight in my head.
  15. Partial fit.
  16. How do the inside/outside factors relate to the study designs? Is it only related to the BF[1]?
  17. I’m not sure about the interaction effect estimates.
  18. Can you use ANOVA for experiments when you don’t have a random sample?
  19. I’d like to differentiate the types of research designs better.