Experiment Decisions

Prof Randi Garcia
February 14, 2018

Reading Free-Write (5-7 minutes)

Think of the research question you were assigned to on Monday. You can read on the project page if you'd like.

  1. What is a potential response variable for a study that answers this question? How could you measure it on a ratio or interval scale?
  2. What is a potential explanatory variable? What conditions could you create to study this variable?
  3. What might be the material you assign to these conditions?


  • HW 2 grades up on Moodle
    • Plus 2 points for everyone, 13a, 16, and 17, were often missed.
    • I will be dropping the lowest HW grade at the end.
  • HW 3 due Friday by midnight on Moodle! (due to snow day)


  • Get into project groups and start discussing
  • Informal Analysis and Six Fisher Assumptions

Measurement Scale


  • nominal: alcohol drinking (yes/no) of college students


  • ordinal: “small,” “medium,” and “large” size drinks at a movie theater.
  • interval: scores on a “self-esteem” scale of middle- and upper-level managers
  • ratio: students’ individual times to complete cognitive task (e.g., 2:15, 2: 21, 2:33, etc.)

Project Proposal due Monday, Feb 26th

Group Discussion Questions