Laboratory Manual for Biological Sciences 330

Research in Cellular Neurophysiology

The schedule of laboratory experiments, discussions, and the readings are on the course's Moodle site.

Laboratory Methods:

Using the Digital Storage Oscilloscope

and: Capturing Data with PowerLab and LabChart

Effect of Potassium Concentration on the Resting Potential *

Action Potentials in Earthworm Giant Axons *

Simulations of Membrane Potentials *

Electroretinogram of the Crayfish Eye *

Recording from Crayfish Motor Units with Suction Electrodes

Recording CPG Activity with Pin Electrodes

      * Borrowed from the BIO 301 Online Lab Manual


The Swimmeret Central Pattern Generator


Anatomy of the Crayfish Nervous System

Saline Solutions

Digital Oscilloscope Controls

Capturing Oscilloscope Screenshots

Capturing Data with PowerLab and LabChart

Using EasyGraf Chart Recorders

Cables and Connectors