Professor Waksman Discusses Music and Place on 93.9 The River

Smith’s own professor of Music and American Studies, Steve Waksman, was recently heard on the Pioneer Valley’s radio station 93.9 The River. Steve was interviewed by The River’s host Monte Belmonte in a segment about the History of Rock ‘n Roll.
You may be wondering what this might have to do with spatial studies and our lab, so far not much. However imbedded in this hour and a half long piece about Rock ‘n’ Roll history is a bit about the importance of Music and Place. Steve was a performer in Northampton’s Transperformance music festival this summer, which was themed Off the Map. As a part of the event all of the performers’ names that they “trans-performed” under included a geographic reference – Boston, Hannah Montana, The Dixie Chicks – which got Steve thinking about the relationship between Music and Place. Steve reflects on his findings in a short segment embedded in minutes 37:35 – 41:40 of the Rock ‘n’ Roll History piece. Follow this link to listen