Design of a New Mobility Product for Students in the Northeast

Honda Team: Macarena Rojas, Kirthna Subash, Tasbiha Chowdhury, Veronica Morales

2018-2019: In collaboration with Honda R&D Americas, this student team developed a micro-mobility vehicle concept for college students in the Northeast region of the United States, with a focus on weather-immunity and environmental sustainability. The project represents Honda’s commitment to the urban mobility revolution in the context of population growth and climate change.

The team reviewed current technologies and market gaps, conducted primary and secondary research with college students, and developed user archetypes to represent a typical college student and their mobility frustrations. Based on this information, the team generated multiple concepts to address the user archetype’s needs. The team organized the concepts into six main themes and conducted research and calculations to select solutions for each theme. The team combined the individual components into a holistic vehicle design, which they refined through a series of physical prototypes and CAD models. The team delivered their recommended micro-mobility design and engineering specifications to Honda for continued evaluation and development.