Design for Extended, On-board HemosIL Reagent Stability in the ACL TOP Family of Instruments

IL Team: Ambar Garcia, Alessia Woods, Bisma Ali, Zoe Koukoulas

2018-2019: In collaboration with Instrumentation Laboratory (IL), this student team designed a solution to improve stability times of reagents within the existing ACL TOP hemostasis instruments. Hemostasis analyzers are used to diagnose blood-related diseases by using patient blood plasma samples and reagents that correspond to the given test. Reagent stability time dictates the period for which reagents can be used in testing.

The goal of this project was to determine a method of increasing reagent stability that could be integrated into existing ACL TOP instruments without compromising system functionality or accuracy. The team accomplished this goal through extensive experimentation, multiphysics simulations, concept generation and evaluation, and prototype development and testing. The team delivered their successful functional design, CAD drawings, experimental and simulation results, and integration documentation to IL for continued verification and validation.