Design of an Angled Acoustofluidic Platform for Particle Separation

FDS Team: Reem Ladadwa, Sasha McCann, Lisa Feiden, Cindy Li

2017-2018: In collaboration with FloDesign Sonics (FDS), a startup utilizing acoustic waves to create devices that separate particles, this student team designed improvements to FDS’s current acoustofluidic platform. In particular, the team focused on developing attachment components to enable steady laminar flow and modifying the platform geometry to enhance particle separation.

The team conducted background research on particle deflection technology, defined design requirements, and generated multiple initial design concepts. The team narrowed the list to four concepts to evaluate further, and, informed by COMSOL modeling that demonstrated laminar and steady flow, selected one design to pursue. The team fabricated and assembled a physical prototype of this selected design and then tested it experimentally, verifying its performance.

Final deliverables include CAD and COMSOL models, physical models, experimental schematics, design verification protocols, and flow rate measurements. Pending continued development, this technology may be implemented into cell and gene therapy, specifically cancer treatments.