Design of an Analytics Platform for HeartFlow

HeartFlow Team: Amelia Yeoh, Youyou Tian, Jiaao Lu, Zoe Kendall

2016-2017: In collaboration with HeartFlow, a medical software company providing first-in-class technology to non-invasively aid in the detection of coronary artery disease, this student team developed the backend of an extensible analytics platform for the company’s case data. The goal of the project was to leverage Amazon Web Services to create a backend through which HeartFlow employees could obtain, store, and mine relevant case data for data analytics, data warehousing, and business-related intelligence.

Following a modified scrum methodology, the team generated an architecture design diagram based on the system design requirements. They then wrote code for the various components of the backend through an iterative process and conducted testing to ensure the design outputs met the requirements. Integrating the separate components, the team built the functional backend infrastructure.

The team delivered to their liaisons the full code for the backend platform, plus documentation on their process, instructions for new users, and recommendations for future development.