Restoration Design for Barros Bog in Bourne, MA

NRCS Team: Claudette Nitard, Sanita Dhaubanjar, Megan Lonsdale

2012-2013: In collaboration with the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), this student team developed a plan to restore the abandoned Barros Cranberry Bog in Bourne, MA to its historic salt marsh hydrology.  A primary motivation for this project was to improve the habitat for native salt marsh species by enabling tidal flushing in the Bog.

Restoration of Barros Bog requires the removal of two dikes to return full tidal flow from the adjacent Buttermilk Bay into the Bog.  Using spatial and tidal data collected onsite the team created a hydraulic model of the bog site using HEC-RAS software and evaluated multiple design scenarios comprising different width trapezoidal openings as replacements for the two dikes.  The hydraulic models were run under both normal and 100-year flood conditions to assess storm flow flooding levels and draining times.  The team prepared construction drawings for their recommended design, which does not increase flood risk to surrounding areas and decreases the length of time that flooded water is held in the Bog.

The team prepared a list of permits necessary for project completion.  NRCS will work with Bourne officials to secure the necessary permits and submit the project for bid.  The project will be funded through the NRCS Wetlands Reserve Program.