Plenary Talks

2022 Speakers:

Laura DeMarco, Harvard University.

The Mandelbrot set:  What we know today


The Mandelbrot set is one of the most famous objects in modern mathematics.  We see images of it everywhere, but despite its popularity and decades of research, we still don’t fully understand it.  I will survey results about the Mandelbrot set, from its discovery to today.

Julie Blackwood, Williams College.

Transboundary management of ecological systems with applications to diseases


The development of public health policy is inextricably linked with governance structure. In our increasingly globalized world, human migration and infectious diseases often span multiple administrative jurisdictions that might have different systems of government and divergent management objectives. In this talk, I’ll introduce two examples in which spatial coordination may be critical for disease control. The first is in the management of rabies in vampire bats, where we demonstrate that spatial interactions likely play a key role in driving disease persistence. The second will describe a more general infectious disease in humans. We show that successful management may depend on both the actions of multiple managers and their desired objectives.