WIMIN (Women In Mathematics in New England) is the longest-running conference for women in mathematics in New England.  Hosted at Smith College every fall since 2009, WIMIN brings together over 100 students and faculty of all genders for a one-day gathering in mathematics and statistics.  We have two plenary speakers in theoretical and applied topics, as well as a collection of parallel sessions with talks by students from around the region, panel discussions, mentoring activities, and other opportunities for networking.  Lunch and ample coffee breaks are provided when the conference is in-person. 

All undergraduate, postbaccalaureate, and graduate students are invited to give session talks.

Registration is free but required both to plan and to keep this conference going in the future.

This conference is supported by Smith College and from the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at Smith College.  The first ten years of this conference were also supported by a series of grants from the NSF.  

2023 Organizing Committee: Robin Belton, Patricia Cahn, Jacob Garcia, Xavier Ramos Olive, Becca Thomases, Julianna Tymoczko