Download data

What is available?

Studies currently in the database are listed here. You can choose which studies and subjects you want to download or you can download the entire database.

Structure of Database

The database is formatted in MySQL and includes three tables: PI_Info,  Subjects, and Measurements codebook.  (Click each link for table column descriptions.)

To use the data, you will need to download the three tables from the MySQL database to your computer. Below are directions for three different methods you can choose from to download the tables;  you only need to use one of these methods.  Once the tables are on your computer, you can analyze the data in any software you choose.  Example analysis scripts for Matlab are available under Graph Data.

Download most up to date data with MySQL Workbench (Directly from database)

MySQL workbench can be downloaded for free and used as the link between the database and your computer. Directions for installing MySQL workbench are here:

Once MySQL workbench is installed, establish a connection to the WAI database by following these instructions.

Select the data in the database and download it to your computer following these instructions.

Download data directly from here (saved on date in file names)

The measurements and subjects tables can be downloaded below as a .csv file. These tables were downloaded from the database using MySQL workbench on the date in the file names.

Measurements table: WAI_Measurements_2022-06-06.csv

Subjects table: WAI_Subjects_2022-06-06.csv