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Program Offerings


Candy Catapult Competition

Want to join the challenge? Check out Candy Catapult Challenge instructions to participate!

We would love to showcase your work on our social media channels!


Bone Appétit! Halloween Inspired Scientific Culinary Competition

Bone Appetit Poster

 Link to overview and rules


Wicked Awesome Teacher Essay Contest

Rules can be found here: Wicked Awesome Teacher Flyer! Registration form is here!



Dia de Los Muertos Ofrenda

Learn about the LatinX history of Dia de Los Muertos and how to make your own alter using household materials. This tradition isn’t solely a way in which to honor the dead, but to honor any grief or loss you have may have experienced during COVID-19. Sponsored by the Jandon Center for Community Engagement, Mwangi Center, and the Center for Religious and Spiritual Life. Check out a yummy recipe for sweet bread and coconut cookies here!

View our video ofrenda here! 


Could You Carry the Candy?

Download a Worksheet and Density Lesson Plan here. Email your entry submission to!

Magical Glow Masks

Want to make your own magical glow mask? Download Magical Glow Mask Instructions here.

Need LED lights to complete this activity? Register for our curbside pickup giveaway here! 


Whoosh Bottle Experiment: You’ve been warned, it’s awesome!

Want to make your own Whoosh Bottle? Download Whoosh Bottle Instructions here!


Bone Bridges

Build the strongest bridge you can using only cotton swabs, pipe cleaners, popsicle sticks, scissors, and tape. At the end, stack as many candy pumpkins as possible to test its strength! This video is a collaborative effort brought to you by Jandon Center’s STEAM Outreach and UConn School of Engineering. Video is available here!

Interested in an activity sheet? Check here! 


Spirited Skeleton

Click on the skeleton above to view the full activity! Excellent resource for young learners incorporating a hands-on project and anatomy knowledge. Teaching video found here!

Science of Fear

Check out the video here!


Design Thinking Initiative Halloween Workshops!

Want to kick off the spooky season right? Join us for Design Thinking Initiative’s remote Halloween STEAM workshops! There is a variety of fun activities you can take part in, including costume making, LED wearables, snack-making and pumpkin carving!


Attend the workshop of your choice by clicking the associated link. When you’re done with the workshop you’re in, simply leave the zoom room and click on a different link! You can pop in and out of the different zoom sessions as many times as you like. We’ve also included asynchronous resources for each workshop, which you can refer to before, during, and after our time together tomorrow!


Meeting ID: 973 0294 7852 Password: 378829
You can join to vibe to some Halloween jams, work on your wearables or costumes, and have some fun! To get you started, here are some Halloween-themed baking and vegetable carving tutorials, as well as our playlist!
Meeting ID: 996 8924 3445 Password: 844632
Channel your inner designer to make the costume of your dreams! We’ll be there to help you with your different costumes and hang out together while you make your costume come to life!
  • Do you have a super awesome costume you want to show off after this workshop? Join our online STEAM Halloween costume contest for a chance to win gift cards to downtown Northampton businesses!!! The Deadline for entries is Sunday, November 1 at 10 pm est. To enter, complete the following form. May the creepiest costumes win!!


Meeting ID: 920 5941 0065 Password: 740842

Marine Madness

Register here to attend Marine Madness.


Spooky Stories of the Diaspora

REGISTER HERE. Join us for spooky folklore and leave with a BIPOC author recommended book list to stay spooked all winter! Open to all community members 18+. Cohosted by Mwangi Reads Program and the Jandon Center.


Live @ The Haunted Museum!

Zoom in the Dark: Spooky Writing Workshop

Poster for Zoom in the Dark

On Halloween night, join Nancy Zigler from the Jandon Center for Community Engagement for a writing workshop dedicated to spooky story writing! This event requires a registration, so reserve your seat while you can! Open to all community members 18 years or older.


More soon!